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Experience the thrill of discovery in every game. Learn cool facts. Dive into adventures with your friends and bring science to life.

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Our games also ignite curiosity and engagement in the classroom. Access teaching resources that inspire the next generation of scientists.


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About Us

Empowering Learning Through Playful Science

At Scientific Playground, we’re on a mission to make science accessible, engaging, and fun for learners of all ages. Founded by a team of passionate educators and game enthusiasts, our journey began with a simple belief: that learning should be an adventure.

Through our innovative games and educational resources, we aim to inspire curiosity, foster creativity, and spark a lifelong love of discovery. 

Our Games

Explore Interactive Adventures in Science


PlanetCards invites players on a journey to our own Solar System, where they can explore planets, moons, asteroids and comets as well as dwarf planets and the Sun. With fascinating photos, cool fatcs and captivating gameplay, PlanetCards brings planetary science to life in a fun and interactive way.


MicrobeCards is an exciting and educational game that immerses players in the fascinating world of microbiology. Designed to be both entertaining and informative, MicrobeCards introduces players to the diverse, vibrant and often mysterious realm of microscopic organisms. The game currently only exist in Danish.

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Ready to embark on an adventure of discovery? Explore our captivating games now and unlock the wonders of science! Start playing today and let the fun and learning begin.

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